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Pura Besakih

Besakih temple is a complex of temples, the place of worship of the Hindus. It is located in Besakih Village, Rendang sub district, the district of Karangasem, Bali. Besakih complex consists of 18 temples pakideh (supporters) that constitute a unity of ritual processions with the central point at the Penataran Agung Besakih temple. Four of the 18 temples are determined to carry as Catur temples status.

The Lokapala depicts the four manifestations of God in the four directions of the wind. The four temples are Batu Madeg temple occupies the North direction as the sthana of Lord Vishnu, Kiduling Kreteg temple occupies the South direction as the sthana of Brahma, The Dark temple occupies the East direction as the sthana of God Icwara and Ulun Kulkul temple occupies the West direction as the sthana of God Mahadeva.

Besakih temple is the center of activities for all temples in Bali. In this complex there often hold various of Hindu religious rituals which culminated in the celebration of Besakih Temple every hundred years, called Ekadasa Rudra (the last was done in 1979). Beside of being able to enjoy the historical heritages, unique architecture, as well as the celebrations of religious rituals in this temple, tourists can also complete their tours visits with climbing on the Mount Agung. (


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